Paws 4 Hope
paws 4 hope

paws 4 hope

Our Paws 4 Hope Campaign is one very special to our hearts. Through out our website and commercials we hope to make residents of Newfoundland and Labrador aware of the most common forms of animal abuse seen in companion animals in the province; overpopulation, abandonment and social isolation. We ask that everyone visit the pages we have created, watch the video’s and share it with your friends.

We have all seen those sad television commercials where you hear the haunting music and the images of hurting animals. How often do we turn the channel because we cannot bare to watch? Turn the channel or going on about your day does not change the fact that we need to step up and be held accountable. It does not change the fact that there are people out there striving hard to educate our communities about proper animal care and the effects neglect or abuse has on the animal as well at the community at whole.

Please don’t turn the channel. Please watch, please share and please be the voice for the animals that cannot be heard.

After clicking play, click the square on the right hand side to open full size.

Our video’s are playing live on Channel 46 and we have ads on the local community channel as well.

The Burin Peninsula SPCA would like to thank Martine Blue from Dream Shake Video for the commercials and video stills used in our banner.
Thank you to Lisa Gover and Mortier Bay Dog Training for her valuable tips and tricks.
Thank you to Candi Kilfoy from Prints for Sale NL for website administration and development.
We would also like to thank our actors Jada(dog) and Skip(cat) Beazley.

This humane education campaign was created through the generous
support of the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies.